Volume 26, Issue 2 (2018)



P.-D.L. Chao

Review Articles


Effects of processing adjuvants on traditional Chinese herbs
L.-L. Chen, R. Verpoorte, H.-R. Yen, W.-H. Peng, Y.-C. Cheng, J. Chao, and L.-H. Pao


Update of green tea interactions with cardiovascular drugs and putative mechanisms
J.P. Werba, S. Misaka, M.G. Giroli, K. Shimomura, M. Amato, N. Simonelli, L. Vigo, and E. Tremoli


PXR as a mediator of herb–drug interaction
B.C. Hogle, X. Guan, M.M. Folan, and W. Xie


Association of antioxidant nutraceuticals and acetaminophen (paracetamol): Friend or foe?
M. Abdel-Daim, A.I. Abushouk, R. Reggi, N.S. Yarla, M. Palmery, and I. Peluso


Standards and labeling of milk fat and spread products in different countries
C.-L. Lee, H.-L. Liao, W.-C. Lee, C.-K. Hsu, F.-C. Hsueh, J.-Q. Pan, C.-H. Chu, C.-T. Wei, and M.-J. Chen

Original Articles


Oxidative stress evoked damages leading to attenuated memory and inhibition of NMDAR–CaMKII–ERK/CREB signalling on consumption of aspartame in rat model
A. Iyaswamy, A.K. Kammella, C. Thavasimuthu, W. Wankupar, W. Dapkupar, S. Shanmugam, R. Rajan, and S. Rathinasamy


Transporter-mediated interaction of indican and methotrexate in rats
S.-P. Lin, C.-P. Yu, Y.-C. Hou, C.-Y. Huang, L.-C. Ho, and S.-L. Chan


Nanoparticle based bio-bar code technology for trace analysis of aflatoxin B1 in Chinese herbs
Y.-Y. Yu, Y.-Y. Chen, X. Gao, Y.-Y. Liu, H.-Y. Zhang, and T.-Y. Wang


Immunochemical assay with monoclonal antibodies for detection of staphylococcal enterotoxin H
N.V. Rudenko, A.P. Karatovskaya, A.N. Noskov, A.O. Shepelyakovskaya, M.P. Shchannikova, I.V. Loskutova, O.A. Artyemieva, D.A. Nikanova, E.A. Gladyr, and F.A. Brovko


Modified QuEChERS method for 24 plant growth regulators in grapes using LC-MS/MS
C.-H. Pu, S.-K. Lin, W.-C. Chuang, and T.-H. Shyu


Antibacterial activity of propolins from Taiwanese green propolis
Y.-W. Chen, S.-R. Ye, C. Ting, and Y.-H. Yu


Rapid screening of toxic glycoalkaloids and micronutrients in edible nightshades (Solanum spp.)
B. Yuan, D. Byrnes, D. Giurleo, T. Villani, J.E. Simon, and Q. Wu


Methodology for sample preparation and size measurement of commercial ZnO nanoparticles
P.-J. Lu, W.-E. Fu, S.-C. Huang, C.-Y. Lin, M.-L. Ho, Y.-P. Chen, and H.-F. Cheng


Pharmacokinetics, bioavailability, tissue distribution and excretion of tangeretin in rat
W.-L. Hung, W.-S. Chang, W.-C. Lu, G.-J. Wei, Y. Wang, C.-T. Ho, and L.S. Hwang


Characteristics of fucose-containing polysaccharides from submerged fermentation of Agaricus blazei Murill
H.-T. Wang, L.-C. Yang, H.-C. Yu, M.-L. Chen, H.-J. Wang, and T.-J. Lu


Cytotoxic protobassic acid saponins from the kernels of Palaquium formosanum
H.-Y. Chen, J.-F. Liu, S.-F. Tsai, Y.-L. Lin, and S.-S. Lee


Employing natural reagents from turmeric and lime for acetic acid determination in vinegar sample
S.-A. Supharoek, K. Ponhong, W. Siriangkhawut, and K. Grudpan


Bioactive polyphenols in kinkéliba tea (Combretum micranthum) and their glucose-lowering activities
C. Welch, J. Zhen, E. Bassène, I. Raskin, J.E. Simon, and Q. Wu


Triple-component nanocomposite films prepared using a casting method: Its potential in drug delivery
S. Gilani, S. Mir, M. Masood, A.K. Khan, R. Rashid, S. Azhar, A. Rasul, M.N. Ashraf, M.K. Waqas, and G. Murtaza