The electrooxidation of N-acetylcysteine (N-AC) was studied by a novel Ni(II) complex modified ZrO2 nanoparticle carbon paste electrode [Ni(II)/ZrO2/NPs/CPE] using voltammetric methods. The results showed that Ni(II)/ZrO2/NPs/CPE had high electrocatalytic activity for the electrooxidation of N-AC in aqueous buffer solution (pH = 7.0). The electrocatalytic oxidation peak currents increase linearly with N-AC concentrations over the concentration ranges of 0.05–600μM using square wave voltammetric methods. The detection limit for N-AC was equal to 0.009μM. The catalytic reaction rate constant, kh, was calculated (7.01 × 102 M−1 s−1) using the chronoamperometry method. Finally, Ni(II)/ZrO2/NPs/CPE was also examined as an ultrasensitive electrochemical sensor for the determination of N-AC in real samples such as tablet and urine. © 2017

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