Volume 25, Issue 4 (2017)

Original Articles


The impact of gallic acid on the methotrexate-induced kidney damage in rats
H. Asci, O. Ozmen, H.Y. Ellidag, B. Aydin, E. Bas, and N. Yilmaz


Phosphorylation and antiaging activity of polysaccharide from Trichosanthes peel
M. Zhang, N. Su, Q. Huang, Q. Zhang, Y. Wang, J. Li, and M. Ye


The effect of vacuum packaging on histamine changes of milkfish sticks at various storage temperatures
H.-F. Kung, Y.-C. Lee, C.-W. Lin, Y.-R. Huang, C.-A. Cheng, C.-M. Lin, and Y.-H. Tsai


Morphological and chemical analyses of Eriocauli Flos sold in Taiwan markets
I.-J. Lee, C.-P. Chung, S.-J. Chang, and Y.-L. Lin


Rapid determination of capsaicinoids by colorimetric method
W.-K. Ryu, H.-W. Kim, G.-D. Kim, and H.-I. Rhee


Regulatory efficacy of fermented plant extract on the intestinal microflora and lipid profile in mildly hypercholesterolemic individuals
H.-F. Chiu, Y.-J. Chen, Y.-Y. Lu, Y.-C. Han, Y.-C. Shen, K. Venkatakrishnan, and C.-K. Wang


Exploration of ethyl anthranilate-loaded monolithic matrix-type prophylactic polymeric patch
J. Islam, K. Zaman, S. Chakrabarti, N.S. Bora, M.P. Pathak, S. Mandal, J.A. Junejo, and P. Chattopadhyay


Analysis of bioactive constituents from the leaves of Amorpha fruticosa L.
X. Cui, J. Guo, C.-S. Lai, M.-H. Pan, Z. Ma, S. Guo, Q. Liu, L. Zhang, C.-T. Ho, and N. Bai