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Validation of an improved LC/MS/MS method for acrylamide analysis in foods


An improved LC/MS/MS method was set up and validated for analyzing acrylamide (AA) in foods including fried potato snack food, baked breakfast food, bread, coffee and tea drinks which are the most popular stimulant drinks in Taiwan. Two types of cartridge in tandem use, elution volume, and a long column (250 mm), were used to improve the separation of interferences and reduce detection limit. Reproducibility, repeatability, and recovery tests were conducted to assure the analytical method applicable in house validation testing. Participation in the FAPAS® inter-comparison study resulted in a satisfactory result. The limit of detection was 3 μg/kg; mean recoveries ranged from 95 to 113%; coefficients of variation ranged from 1.3 to 10.0% for repeatability test and 3.3 to 6.9% for reproducibility test. The good results showed the method has been successfully set up to serve as a routinely analytical method. We also found that brown sugar with high AA contents lead to high AA content in some foods including those not cooked at high temperature.

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