Volume 17, Issue 3 (2009)

Original Articles


Validation of an improved LC/MS/MS method for acrylamide analysis in foods
W.-C. Cheng, Y.-M. Kao, D.Y.-C. Shih, S.-S. Chou, and A.-I. Yeh


Bighead carp meat adulterated in commercial milkfish ball products
Y.-J. Chen, K.-M. Huang, H.-C. Jen, M.-W. Su, S.-M. Liu, and D.-F. Hwang


Antioxidative effect of lactic acid bacteria: Intact cells vs. intracellular extracts
C.-C. Ou, T.-M. Lu, J.-J. Tsai, J.-H. Yen, H.-W. Chen, and M.-Y. Lin