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Protein properties of UF Teleme produced from various types of milk


In this study, white cheese Teleme samples were produced from cow's, sheep's and goat's milk using UF and the traditional methods. In both methods, milk was divided into three portions and heated to 68°C/20 min, 72°C/5 min and 80°C/1 min., respectively. Each sample tested for three different pasteurization norms was divided into two portions. The calf rennet (CR) was added to the first portion and microbial rennet (MR) was added to the second portion. The teleme samples were prepared using 2 processing methods, 3 pasteurization norms,and 2 enzyme types. Besides total nitrogen and water-soluble nitrogen analyses, SDS-PAGE was applied to the samples to determine free protein breakdowns. Total nitrogen and water-soluble nitrogen values were higher in Teleme samples treated with microbial rennet than those with calf rennet in both UF and traditional Teleme samples. In the first day a rapid proteolysis and fraction product (casein fraction) just under the β-casein were determined in Teleme samples produced from milk with microbial rennet at 68°C and 72°C in SDS-PAGE. Data on water-soluble nitrogen fractions confirmed electrophoretic profiles.

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