Volume 14, Issue 3 (2006)

Original Articles


D-phenylglycine improves L-dopa binding to serum albumin
H.-P. Wang, Y.-H. Chuang, C.-Y. Lee, C.-L. Wang, and W.-H. Hsieh


In-vitro evaluation of meloxicam permeation using response surface methodology
J.-S. Chang, P.-C. Wu, Y.-B. Huang, and Y.-H. Tsai


Protein properties of UF Teleme produced from various types of milk
A. Yetişmeyen, N. Gençer, A. Gürsoy, O. Deveci, E. Şenel, E. Şanli, and F.S. Öztekin


Voltammetric quantification of fluoxetine: Application to quality control and quality assurance processes
R.P. Lencastre, C.D. Matos, J. Garrido, F. Borges, and E.M. Garrido