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Isolation and identification of two Antrodia cinnamomea strains from fruiting bodies


Antrodia cinnamomea strains ACTS1 and AC0623 were isolated from the fruiting bodies. The partial sequences of ribosomal RNA gene, including the internal transcribed spacers, ITS1-5.8S-ITS2, and 18S ribosomal RNA genes, have been sequenced and applied to identify these two strains. Four specific primer sets (NS1/NS2, NS3/NS4, NS5/NS8, and ITS1/ITS4) were utilized to perform PCR experiment of the ribosomal RNA genes. Comparison of partial nucleotide sequences (ITSI-5.8S-ITS2) with strains from different genus (Antrodiella semisupina, Antrodiella romellii and Trametes versicolor) was made. These DNA sequence data demonstrated that there is no difference among ACTS1, AC0623, BCRC 35396 and BCRC 35398. The colony morphology and growth characteristics of Antrodia cinnamomea strains in different culture media of agar plate were also made. No obvious microscopic difference of A. cinnamomea strains ACTS1, AC0623, BCRC 35396, and BCRC 35398 were observed. The results from this study suggested that strains ACTS1 and AC0623 isolated from fruiting bodies, and the strains BCRC 35396 and 35398, the original A. cinnamomea strain obtained from Food Industry Research and Development Institute (FIRDI) are the same species.

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