Volume 14, Issue 2 (2006)

Review Article

Original Articles


Possibly of angiotesin II-induced brain microvascular endothelial cell injury through oxidative stress
H.-Q. Liu, X.-B. Wei, R. Sun, B. Zhang, Z.-Y. Wang, X. Sun, and X.-M. Zhang


Effects of storage time and temperature on the stability of glutathione in deproteinized blood sample
S.-K. Lin, S.-M. Tsai, J.-C. Huang, S.-C. Lee, S.-H. Wu, S.-H. Wu, H. Ma, J.-T. Lin, and L.-Y. Tsai


Spectrofluorimetric determination of labetalol in pharmaceutical preparations and biological fluids
D.R. El-Wasseef, S.M. El-Ashry, M.A. Abu-El-Enein, and M.A.A. Moustafa


Antioxidant activity of 3,4,5-trihydroxybenzaldehyde isolated from geum japonicum
J.B. Kim, J.B. Kim, K.J. Cho, G.M. König, and A.D. Wright


Determination of acrylamide in Chinese foods by GC-Ion Trap MS using 2-bromopropenamide and 2-bromopropenamide-13C3
W.-C. Cheng, S.-W. Hsiao, S.-S. Chou, L. Sun-Hwang, T.J. Lu, and A.-I. Yeh