Volume 13, Issue 1 (2005)

Review Article

Original Articles


Analysis of flavonoids in propolis by capillary electrophoresis
S.-H. Fu, M.-H. Yang, H.-M. Wen, and J.-C. Chern


Lipid profile and oxidative stability of commercial egg products
L.-Y. Liu, M.-H. Yang, J.-H. Lin, and M.-H. Lee


Mass uniformity: Influence of operational compression conditions of breakability of scored tablets as part of manufacturing robustness evaluation
B. De Spiegeleer, L. Van Vooren, T. Thonissen, P. Joye, B. Cornelissen, G. Lammens, and G. Slegers


Ochratoxin A contamination in coffees, cereals, red wines and beers in Taiwan
L.-C. Lin, P.-C. Chen, Y.-M. Fu, and D.Y.-C. Shih


Hygienic quality and incidence of histamine-forming Lactobacillus species in natural and processed cheese in Taiwan
H.-F. Kung, Y.-H. Tsai, C.-C. Hwang, Y.-H. Lee, J.-H. Hwang, C.-I. Wei, and D.-F. Hwang


The combination effects of phytoestrogens on cell proliferation, cell cycle progression and estrogen receptor alpha
C. Ying, J.-T. Hsu, C.-D. Yang, S.-J. Hsung, L.-K. Wang, C.-M. Lin, and L.-F.O. Chen