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Determination of arsenic in edible fats and oils by focused microwave digestion and atomic fluorescence spectrometer


A method for the determination of arsenic in edible fats and oils was developed. A half-gram sample was digested with 10 mL sulfuric acid and 5 mL nitric acid by focused microwave digester, and then analyzed by atomic fluorescence spectrometer (AFS). The detection limit of the instrument was at 50 pg/mL. The recovery studies were performed at 0.05, 0.10 and 0.20 ppm spike levels of arsenic in palm oil, olive oil and lard. The recoveries were in range of 89.8 ∼ 94.7, 86.4 ∼ 96.9 and 86.9 ∼ 91.5%, respectively. Twenty-one market samples of edible fats and oils were analyzed to contain 0.005 ∼ 0.027 ppm of arsenic.

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