Volume 9, Issue 1 (2001)

Original Articles


Mutagenic Analysis of Fermenting Strains and Fermented Brine for Stinky Tofu
H.-O. Chang, S.-W. Wang, J.-C. Chen, L.-F. Hsu, and S.-M. Hwang


Isolation and cytotoxicity of flavonoids from Daphnis Genkwae Flos
J.-H. Lin, Y.-T. Lin, Y.-J. Huang, K.-C. Wen, R.-M. Chen, T.-H. Ueng, and C.-H. Liao


Determination of flavonoids in Daphnis Genkwae Flos by high performance liquid chromatography
J.-H. Lin, Y.-T. Lin, Y.-N. Chiou, K.-C. Wen, and C.-H. Liao