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GC/MS analysis on anorectics adulterated in traditional chinese medicines


A gas chromatography/mass spectrometry analytic method was developed for simultaneously identifying and quantitating anorectics synthetic drugs illegally adulterated in traditional Chinese medicines (TCM). A model sample of TCM (Farng-Feng-Tong-Shewg-Saan) was spiked with 11 kinds of synthetic drugs: amphetamine, methamphetamine, methylphenidate, clobenzorex, phentermine, fenfluramine, phenylpropanolamine, caffeine, mazindol, diazepam, diethylpropion. The sample was extracted with methanol. The GC/MS conditions were as follows: initial temperature 70°C, holding 2 mins., ramping rate was 10°C/min by linear, final temperature 280°C, holding 5 mins. The samples were scanned by HP5973 GC/MSD with a quadrupole mass filter in an electron impact mode (70eV), and a total ion current (TIC) chromatogram was obtained with multiple peaks. Comparison was made of the mass chromatograms and retention time of each peak with a created library. The matching quality of each synthetic drug spiked in TCM was not less than 85%. The retention time of each ingredient was consisted with the data created in the library. In quantitative analysis, this method with selected ion monitoring (SIM) analysis was performed. Dextromethophan HBr (50 μg/) was used as internal standard. Excellent calibration curves of each analytic compounds had ploted, and correlation coefficients were between 0.9967 and 0.9999, The RSD of interday and intraday studies was between 3.48∼5.52% and 3.07∼6.66%. The results showed that the established method is quite suitable for determination of anorectics adulterated in TCM samples. By this method, the following was found: 0.44 mg/tab of mazindol in high-fibrous food tablets; 24.35 mg/cap of clobenzorex, 1.06 mg/cap of caffeine, and 0.54 mg/cap of diazepam in herbal capsules; 28.42 mg/cap of phentermine in slimming capsules; 27.33 mg/pack of phentermine and 11,75 mg/sachet of caffeine in TCM dispensing packs.

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