Determination of organochlorine and nitrogen-containing pesticide residues fish with different fat content


A rapid and multiresidue method for determination the residues of organochlorine and nitrogen-containing pesticides in the different fat content fish by solid-phase extraction (SPE) technique was developed. In the present procedures, samples were extracted with acetonitrile. The extracts were cleaned up by a tandem SPE column of C18 and florisil, using acetonitrile as the only solvent. Residues were determined by gas chromatography equipped with electron capture detector. Recovery was obtained by three concentration levels of 12 organochlorine pesticides and their metabolites (chlorobenzilate, dieldrin, endosulfan sulfate, endosulfan, endrin, heptachlor, heptachlor epoxide, lindane, methoxchlor, p,p'-DDE, p,p'-DDT) and two nitrogen-containing pesticides (alachlor and trifluralin) from 9 fishes with 1.2-23.3% of fat content, respectively. The recoveries of the spiked pesticides residues from the fishes of different fat contain (fat < 10%, fat ≥ 10 but < 20%, and fat ≥ 20%) were in the range from 73.4% to 119.6%. There were no significant difference in the recovery between pesticides concentration and fat content. The recoveries of two samples were not included because of coutaminated by p,p'-DDT and endosulfan separately, or disruption by sample matrix.

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