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Analysis of bentazon and its metabolites in urine and blood


A rapid analysis method of herbicide bentazon and its metabolites (6-OH-bentazon and 8-OH-bentazon) in urine and blood has been developed. Automatic solid phase extraction and HPLC/UV were used to extract and analyze pesticides. The recoveries of bentazon, 6-OH-bentazon and 8-OH-bentazon in urine spiked with 2 μg of standards were 62.16 ± 3.05%, 59.01 ± 3.19%, and 109.93 ± 0.01%, respectively. In blood, the recoveries were 119.45 ± 3.46%, 138.38 ± 6.72%, and 131.02 ± 3.86%, respectively. The detection limits of bentazon, 6-OH-bentazon and 8-OH-bentazon in urine are 0.047, 0.052, and 0.024 ppm, respectively. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) was also used for further identification of bentazon. We have used this method to extract and analyze bentazon in biological samples. In 89 samples examined, including 51 samples of urine, 30 samples of serum, 4 samples of blood, and 4 samples of renal water, we detected bentazon, 6-OH-bentazon and 8-OH-bentazon. The range of concentration was 0-1682.43 ppm.

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