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Pharmacokinetics of benzbromarone in normal Chinese males


Pharmacokinetics of benzbromarone, a potent hypo-uricemics, have been investigated employing 26 normal Chinese males. Following oral administration of 100 mg dose (Desuric 100 mg/tablet, Labaz France), the pharmacokinetics of benzbromarone based on plasma data were C(max) (3.51 ± 0.90 μg/mL, mean ± SD), AUC(t) (0-14 h, 17.94 ± 4.53 μg·h/mL), total AUC (19.00 ± 4.73 μg·h/mL), T(max) (3.08 ± 1.15 h), terminal phase T(1/2) (2.97 ± 0.85 h), MRT (5.70 ± 1.25 h) and Cl/F (89.5 ± 26.2 mL/min). Wagner-Nelson absorption plots of the mean benzbromarone plasma concentrations suggest that there are competing reactions in the absorption process. The 90% confidence regions for C(max) and AUC, and for C(max), AUC and MRT, and their log-transformed vectors were also estimated. No evidence to show that the pharmacokinetics of benzbromarone in Chinese are different from those reported in Caucasian subjects, and none of the slow elimination phenotype with benzbromarone have been observed in this study.

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