Volume 7, Issue 2 (1999)

Original Articles


A Rapid Method for Direct Determination of Levulinic Acid in Soy Sauce
M.-L. Wang, H.-J. Lin, M.-H. Lee, and Y.-M. Choong


Pharmacokinetics of benzbromarone in normal Chinese males
J.-Y. Hsu, M.-Y. Hsu, H.-C. Hsu, S.-J. Chen, and I.-P. Wang


Determination of Organochlorine Pesticides in Crude Drugs
W.-L. Lai, J.-R. Shaw, and C. Sheu


First Report on Identification of Food Poisoning from Ingestion of Dried Seasoned Puffer Fish Fillet
S.-J. Du, Y.-M. Fu, Y.-C. Shih, P.-C. Chang, S.-S. Chou, Y.-H. Lue, and D.-F. Hwang


Studies on the Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide and Its Dissipation in Foods
S.-C. Su, C.-H. Liu, H.-C. Chen, P.-C. Chang, and S.-S. Chou