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Determination of naringin in marketed fruits, juices and candy from shaddock


High performance liquid chromatography was used to determine the contents of naringin in the exocarp,mesocarp and pulp of shaddock and white shaddock sold in markets. The analysis was carried out on an Hypersil ODS column (5 μm, 250 × 4.6 mm), using water-acetonitrile (81:19) as mobile phase at a flow rate of 0.8 ml/min. The detection was set at 280 nm and 6,7-dimethoxycoumarin was used as the internal standard. The precision of this method (C.V. 0.3∼ 5.0%) and the recoveries (76.9∼ 102.2%) were satisfactory for various shaddock fruits and juices.The results indicated the contents of naringin in mesocarp were the highest for both shaddock and white shaddock (23.4 mg/g and 16.8 mg/g, respectively), whereas exocarp and pulp contained a lesser amount.Only a small amount of naringin was found in shaddock juices and shaddock candy.

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