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A new method for determining heme iron in pork using solid phase extraction and graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometer


A new method for selective determination of heme iron in pork was developed. First heme iron in pork was extracted with 80% acetone acidified with 2% hydrochloric acid to below pH 1.0. After adjusting the concentration of acetone to 40%, the solution was passed through a Sep-Pak C 18 cartridge. Heme was adsorbed on the cartridge, and was then eluted with 80% acetone. The eluent was analyzed for heme iron with a graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Recovery studies were performed by adding 1.75, 2.50 and 3.75 μg HFe/g myoglobin and 3.00, 7.00 and 10.00 μg HFe/g hemoglobin into the pork. Recoveries were in the range of 97.9 ∼ 99.3%.

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