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Characterization of traditional Chinese medicine by liquid chromatography/atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry


The decoction of the Xiexin (Shan - Huang- Xiexin - Tang, originated from Jin kui Yoa Lue Fang Lun by Zhang Zhongjing) has been in use for centuries to treat illnesses such as: infectious disease, hemorrhage of the upper digestive tract, angiocardiopathy, cerebrovascular disease and immune diseased(1) Although, the decoction of the Xiexin is effective in treating these diseases, its remedial mechanism is not well understood. In this study we examined extracts from the decoction of Xiexin by using HPLC/MS/MS equipped with a TurboIonSpray source. The simultaneous determination of mixtures of active ingredients in these extracts by HPLC/MS/MS was demonstrated. Product ion spectra of several components in the extracts was obtained and matched against known standards. Concentrations of these active ingredients were estimated by multiple reaction monitoring in the sequential positive and negative ion modes using a single HPLC run.

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