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A survey of enterovirulent Escherichia coli in box lunches


From July 1995 to June 1996, 120 samples of box lunches purchased from restaurants and supermarkets in Taipei were inspected for the presence of coliform Escherichia coli and Enterovirulent E. coli (EEC). The results showed that 59 of these samples were contaminated with coliform, 37 were contaminated with E. coli, and 18 were contaminated with Enterovirulent E. coli. For the 18 Enterovirulent isolates, strains of serotype O55:H9 were the most numerous, followed by strains of the serotypes O86a:H34 and O28ac:H18. The announcement by the Department of Health on January 4, 1993 set hygienic standards for box lunches, in particular summarize relevant standard. The sanitation levels of 30.8% of the box lunches were therefore unsatisfactory.

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