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Determination of oxidant dyes in hair dyes by gas chromatography


A capillary gas chromatographic method was adapted for the determination of nine dye components in oxidative hair dyes. An appropriate amount of sample was dissolved in 10 ml of alcohol containing 0.75% of diphenyl as internal standard. The solution was directly injected into an RTX-35 column, with temperatures ranging from 130-160°C. The recoveries achieved by this method, the effect of temperature and a survey of commercial hair dyes are discussed. The recoveries of nine oxidative hair dye components, i. e., three isomers of aminophenol, three isomers of phenylenediamine, catechol, resorcinol and pyrogallol, were in the range of 91.4-118.4% and 85.5-103.2% in liquid and cream samples, respectively. The temperature of storage affected the degradation of the oxidative hair dyes. Those stored at 5°C were degraded more slowly than those stored at 40°C. Fifty commercial hair dye smples were purchased between September 1993 and April 1994 from drugstores and supermarkets in Taipei. Sixty-six percent of these samples contained oxidative hair dye components. Sixteen percent of the smples were badly labeled. On the analyses of dyes, twenty-four percent of these samples were detected beyond the registration level (100±10%) . Two samples without registration contained oxidative hair dyes Nevertheless, all of the samples were within the hygiene requirements (aminophenol below 2%, phenylenediamine below 4%) .

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