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Determination of benzyl isothiocyanate in papaya fruit by solid phase extraction and gas chromatography


In this study, a method for benzyl isothiocyanate (BITC) determination in papaya samples was established by solid phase extraction and GC analysis. The adsorption as well as the elution of BITC in a commercial C18 cartridge are discussed. The maximum theoretical preconcentration factor calculated from the breakthrough curve and elution curve was 1.5 (based on simultaneous samples containing 1,000 ppm BITC). The lowest detectable level was 100ppb, and the linearity was acceptable. Four cultivars of papaya fruits were analyzed and the BITC contents ranged from 141.7-342.7 ppm in seed, 23.3-45.1 ppm in pericarp, 21.2-43.1 ppm in pulp, and 15.2 to 19.8 ppm in papaya milk. The average recovery was 95.1%. Results showed the advantages of solid phase extraction of BITC: easy and rapid operation, higher recovery, and the use of less solvent, comparing to conventional solvent extraction method.

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