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Studies on DNA mutagenesis mediated by maillard reaction products


A glucose-lysine Maillard model system was prepared and its reaction products (MRPs) obtained. Reaction of the 0.025M to 1M glucose-lysine MRPs with plasmid pUC12, resulted in lowered transformation efficiency of pUC12 throughout the reaction time which ranged from five minutes to twenty-four hours. Attempts to compare the pUC12 DNA pattern after being incubated with the MRPs, showed no size change of the DNA as evidenced by gel electrophoresis. Following increased incubation time of MRPs and pUC12 DNA from four to twelve days, showed transformation efficiencies of the pUC12 to be 3.2% and 0.15%, respectively. Transformation efficiencies of pUC12 incubated with MRPs for 12 days were several folds lower than that incubated for four days. Following denaturation of the incubation mixtures of pUC12 and MRPs by ethanol precipitation and renaturation in Tris-EDTA buffer, the transformation efficiency of pUC12 was increased by more than ten folds. This phenomenon was also found in those of the pUC12 incubated with glucose-lysine MRPs within twenty-four hours.

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