Volume 4, Issue 1 (1996)

Review Articles


Quality of Taiwan pharmaceuticals: Survey of ampicillin capsules
Y.-J. Fann, Y.-S. Lin, M.-C. Hsu, and C.P. Lin

Original Articles


Use of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method for the rapid identification of Salmonella typhi
P.-R. Liu, T.-K. Wang, C.-K. Lin, T.-M. Pang, and H.-Y. Tsen


HPLC analysis of morphine in tablet mixture glycyrrhizin composite
S.-G. Chang, C. Wang, J.-J. Chen, F.-S. Chin, and J.-H. Li


Cytochrome P450: Enzyme regulation and toxicological significance
T.-H. Ueng, J.-J. Kang, I.-C. Chao, and Y.-C. Chen


Studies on DNA mutagenesis mediated by maillard reaction products
J.-H. Chen, S.-J. Wang, S.-Y. Chang, J.-S. Shieh, L.-W. Chow, and J.-Y. Chen