As cancer continues to rise globally, there is growing interest in discovering novel methods for prevention and treatment. Due to the limitations of traditional cancer therapies, there has been a growing emphasis on investigating herbal remedies and exploring their potential synergistic effects when combined with chemotherapy drugs. Cinnamaldehyde, derived from cinnamon, has gained significant attention for its potential role in cancer prevention and treatment. Extensive research has demonstrated that cinnamaldehyde exhibits promising anticancer properties by modulating various cellular processes involved in tumor growth and progression. However, challenges and unanswered questions remain regarding the precise mechanisms for its effective use as an anticancer agent. This article aims to explore the multifaceted effects of cinnamaldehyde on cancer cells and shed light on these existing issues. Cinnamaldehyde has diverse anti-cancer mechanisms, including inducing apoptosis by activating caspases and damaging mitochondrial function, inhibiting tumor angiogenesis, anti-proliferation, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. In addition, cinnamaldehyde also acts as a reactive oxygen species scavenger, reducing oxidative stress and preventing DNA damage and genomic instability. This article emphasizes the promising therapeutic potential of cinnamaldehyde in cancer treatment and underscores the need for future research to unlock novel mechanisms and strategies for combating cancer. By providing valuable insights into the role and mechanism of cinnamaldehyde in cancer, this comprehensive understanding paves the way for its potential as a novel therapeutic agent. Overall, cinnamaldehyde holds great promise as an anticancer agent, and its comprehensive exploration in this article highlights its potential as a valuable addition to cancer treatment options.

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