Skeletal muscle function deficits result in metabolic disease development and physical dysfunction in older adults. Sarcopenia is characterized by a decrease in muscle mass and strength with advancing age, and it increases the risks of mobility impairments, disease development, and mortality. Lifestyle interventions involving a combination of diet and exercise to prevent and attenuate sarcopenia warrant substantial research attention. Resistance exercise training under supervision is a safe and the most effective approach to reducing age-related muscle loss and improving multiple aspects of overall health in the older population. The beneficial effects of resistance exercise training on skeletal muscle mass may be augmented by specific dietary supplements (i.e., green teaederived natural products). The purpose of this mini review is to provide an up-to-date, evidence-based account of the effectiveness of green teaederived natural products for supporting resistance trainingeinduced adaptations to prevent or attenuate age-related muscle mass loss. Based on animal and clinical studies, we provide insights into supplementation with green teaederived natural products, which may assist in the growth or maintenance of skeletal muscle and subsequently delay the onset of age-related metabolic diseases in older adults.

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