Since the combinatorial components responsible for the antihyperlipidemic activity of Citrus reticulata‘Chachi’ (CRC) peels remains unclear, we herein developed a bioactive equivalence oriented feedback screening method to discover the bioactive equivalent combinatorial components (BECCs) from CRC peels. Using palmitic acid (PA)- stimulated hepatocyte model, a combination of five polymethoxyflavones (PMFs) including tangeretin, sinensetin, nobiletin, 5,7,8,4′-tetramethoxyflavone and 3,5,6,7,8,3',4'-heptamethoxyflavone was identified to be responsible for the antihyperlipidemic effect of CRC peels. Via evaluation of combination effect by combination index (CI), these 5 PMFs were found to take effect via a synergistic mode. Our data indicated that the antihyperlipidemic mechanism of PMF combination was associated with the inhibition of fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis, and inflammation. Also, the PMF combination exhibited robust antihyperlipidemic effects in HFD-fed rats in vivo. Our study offers evidence-based data to uncover the pharmacological effect of CRC peels.

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