Developing new, cheap, sensitive and selective chemiluminescence (CL) systems with multiple detection properties is still a big challenge for biological and environmental applications. Here, we report a new CL system having multiple detection applications (environmental and biological). The developed lucigenin-pyrogallol system gave an enhancement (190 times) over the conventional lucigenin-H2O2 CL system. Cobalt ion and tyrosinase can inhibit lucigenin-PG CL intensity. Based on these phenomena, we have developed new CL methods for the detection of pyrogallol (LOD = 0.94 μM), lucigenin (LOD = 0.42 μM), cobalt (LOD = 68 μM), and tyrosinase (LOD = 1.8 μg/mL). Furthermore, the developed system gave excellent recoveries in real samples within the range of 93.59-103.12% for the assay of pyrogallol, Co2+ and tyrosinase in coffee, lake water, and human plasma, respectively.

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