Quality control (QC) is the most important key issue in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure the quality of drug products. Many analytical instruments and techniques in pharmaceutical analysis are applied to assess the quality and quantity of the drugs. In the current and future trends, a combination of digitization, automation and hyphenation with high throughput on-line performance will be the topics for the future of pharmaceutical QC. The hyphenated analytical techniques have recently received great attention as unique means to solve complex analytical problems in a short period of time. This review article is an update on the recent potential applications of hyphenated technique developed from the coupling of a rapid separation or induction technique (differential scanning calorimetry; DSC) and an on-line spectroscopic (Fourier transform infrared; FTIR) detection technology to carry out an one-step solid-state analysis in pharmaceutical formulation developments, including (1) intramolecular condensation of pharmaceutical polymers, (2) intramolecular cyclization of drugs and sweetener, (3) polymorphic transformation of drugs and excipients, (4) drug-polymer (excipient) interaction, (5) fast cocrystal screening and formation. This simultaneous DSC-FTIR microspectroscopy can also provide an easy and direct method for one-step screening and qualitative detection of drug stability in real time.

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