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Corrigendum to “Investigation of borneols sold in Taiwan by chiral gas chromatography” (Journal of Food and Drug Analysis (2018) 26(1) (348–352), (S1021949816301612) (10.1016/j.jfda.2016.10.012))


Full Text: 1. In Graphic abstract, Figure 4 and Table 2, the labels for (+)-isoborneol and (−)-isoborneol should be switched. 2. 1. In Figure 1, the labels for d-isoborneol and l-isoborneol should be switched. 3. On Page 349, in Figure 2, the label for (+)-isoborneol should be (−)-isoborneol. 4. On Page 350, in Section 3.1, the first line of the second paragraph, “(+)-Isoborneol, synthesized as previously described …. ” should be “(−)-Isoborneol, synthesized as previously described …. ”. 5. On Page 351, in the legend for Figure 4, the order of (+)-isoborneol, (−)-isoborneol should be switched. © 2018

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