Thin film of a moleculary imprinted polymer (MIP) based on electropolymerization method with sensitive and selective binding sites for mebeverine (MEB) was developed. This film was cast on pencil graphite electrode (PGE) by electrochemical polymerization in solution of pyrrole (PY) and template MEB via cyclic voltammetry scans and further electrodeposition of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs). Several parameters controlling the performance of the silver nano particles MIP pencil graphite electrode (AgNPs-MIP-PGE) including concentration of PY(mM) concentration of mebeverine (mM), number of cycles in electropolymerization, scan rate of CV process (mV. s−1), deposition time of AgNPs on to the MIP surface (s), stirring rate of loading solution (rpm), electrode loading time (min), pH of Britton–Robinson Buffer (BRB) solution were examined and optimized using multivariate optimization methods such as Plackett–Burman design (PBD) and central composite design (CCD). Two dynamic linear ranges of concentration for the MIP sensor were obtained as. 1 × 10 −8 to 1 × 10 −6 and 1 × 10 −5 to1 × 10−3 M with the limit of detection (LOD) of 8.6 × 10 −9M (S/N = 3). The proposed method was successfully intended for the determination of MEB in real samples (serum, capsule). The sensor was showed highly reproducible response (RSD 1.1%) to MEB concentration. © 2018

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