To obtain the angiotension-I converting enzyme inhibitor (ACEI), a fusion ACEI polypeptide encoded with 8 DNA sequences of GPL, GPM, IKW, IVY, IRPVQ, IWHHT, IYPRY and IAPG, which were selected and designed and cloned into pGAPZαC and then transformed into Pichia pastoris SMD1168H. After 3 days induction, the fraction with highest ACEI activity was expressed and purified using a Ni Sepharose™ 6 Fast Flow. The IC50 of recombinant ACEI polypeptide was 88.2 μM. A 128-fold increase of ACEI activity (0.69 μM) was obtained after pepsin digestion, which was equivalent to 0.022 μM of captopril. Reverse phase HPLC indicated all the 8 peptides contained in ACEI-hydrolysate after pepsin digestion. © 2018

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