Volume 26, Issue 3 (2018)

Review Articles


Benefaction of probiotics for human health: A review
Kerry R. George, J.K. Patra, S. Gouda, Y. Park, H.-S. Shin, and G. Das

Original Articles


Comprehensive quality evaluation and comparison of Angelica sinensis radix and Angelica acutiloba radix by integrated metabolomics and glycomics
S.-S. Zhou, J. Xu, C.-K. Tsang, K.-M. Yip, W.-P. Yeung, Z.-Z. Zhao, S. Zhu, H. Fushimi, H.-Y. Chang, and H.-B. Chen


Flavonoids Luteolin and Quercetin Inhibit RPS19 and contributes to metastasis of cancer cells through c-Myc reduction
K.-C. Chen, W.-H. Hsu, J.-Y. Ho, C.-W. Lin, C.-Y. Chu, C.C. Kandaswami, M.-T. Lee, and C.-H. Cheng


Effects of vitamin B-6 supplementation on oxidative stress and inflammatory response in neonatal rats receiving hyperoxia therapy
M.-S. Lee, T.-C. Su, Y.-C. Huang, R.C. Yang, J.-K. Kao, C.-H. Lee, J.-J. Tseng, C.-S. Hsu, and C.-L. Hsu


Synergic effect of curcumin and its structural analogue (Monoacetylcurcumin) on anti-influenza virus infection
S.M. Richart, Y.-L. Li, Y. Mizushina, Y.-Y. Chang, T.-Y. Chung, G.-H. Chen, J.T.-C. Tzen, K.-S. Shia, and W.-L. Hsu


A feasible and practical 1H NMR analytical method for the quality control and quantification of bioactive principles in Lycii Fructus
L.-Y. Hsieh, H.-H. Chan, P.-C. Kuo, H.-Y. Hung, Y.-C. Li, C.-L. Kuo, Y. Peng, Z.-Z. Zhao, D.-H. Kuo, I.-W. Sun, and T.-S. Wu