In this study, open tibial fracture surgery was performed on mice with ovariectomy induced osteoporosis to investigate the effect of a treatment with sialoglycoprotein isolated from Carassius auratus eggs (Ca-SGP) on fracture healing. Dynamic histological analysis showed that Ca-SGP promoted the generation of cartilage callus on day 5 post-surgery, then facilitated the transformation of the cartilage callus to bony callus on days 11 and 24 post-surgery, and enhanced the remodeling of bony callus on 35 day post-surgery. Moreover, Ca-SGP significantly decreased the secretion of TNF-α and IL-1β in serum on day 5 post-surgery, thus inhibiting the negative spread of the inflammatory reaction. On day 11 post-surgery, Ca-SGP clearly decreased the serum level and the mRNA expression of Aggrecan but also increased the secretion and the expression of VEGF and MMP13, thus promoting the degradation of the cartilage matrix and vascular invasion. On day 24 post-surgery, Ca-SGP remarkably increased the mRNA expression of osteogenesis markers Col1a and OCN, and increased callus BV/TV and Tb.N, this facilitating the formation of woven bone. On day 35 post-surgery, Ca-SGP enhanced the transformation of woven bone into lamellar bone and improved the callus biomechanical property. In conclusion, Ca-SGP promoted fracture healing in osteoporotic mice by accelerating endochondral ossification. © 2017

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