Copper ferrite−copper oxide (CuO-CuFe 2 O 4 ) nanoparticles as a semiconductor composite with p–n junction were synthesized by co-precipitation reaction. Then, a novel CuO-CuFe 2 O 4 carbon paste modified electrode was fabricated which displays an effectual electrocatalytic response to the oxidation of acetaminophen (AC) and codeine (CO). A linear range of 0.01–1.5 μmol L −1 and 0.06–10.0 μmol L −1 with the detection limits of 0.007 μmol L −1 and 0.01 μmol L −1 were achieved for AC and CO, respectively. The practical usage of the proposed sensor revealed reasonable results for quantification of AC and CO in biological fluids. © 2017

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