Zirconium phosphate (ZrP) was prepared and employed to separate strictinin-rich tea polyphenol from Chinese green tea extracts. The influences of ZrP calcination temperatures, green tea extraction conditions, and the amounts of ZrP on the isolation of strictinin-rich tea polyphenol were evaluated; the absorption and desorption dynamics of strictinin on ZrP were also determined. Our results revealed that the HPLC content of strictinin increased from 4.96% in 70% ethanol extract of green tea to 58.2% in isolated strictinin-rich tea polyphenol obtained by ZrP-900 (ZrP calcined at 900°C). Furthermore, the suitable time for both strictinin absorption and desorption was 4 hours at 37°C. The method developed here consisted of easy steps such as ZrP absorption, water washing, and 0.4% phosphoric acid solution desorption, which may facilitate the detection and isolation of strictinin from different samples. © 2017

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