A nonenzymatic glucose sensor based on a disposable pencil graphite electrode (PGE) modified by copper nanoparticles [Cu(NP)] was prepared for the first time. The prepared Cu(NP) exhibited an absorption peak centered at ∼562 nm using UV-visible spectrophotometry and an almost homogenous spherical shape by scanning electron microscopy. Cyclic voltammetry of Cu(NP)-PGE showed an adsorption controlled charge transfer process up to 90.0 mVs−1The sensor was applied for the determination of glucose using an amperometry technique with a detection limit of [0.44 (±0.01) μM] and concentration sensitivity of [1467.5 (±1.3) μA/mMcm−2]. The preparation of the Cu(NP)-PGE sensor was reproducible (relative standard deviation = 2.10%, n = 10), very simple, fast, and inexpensive, and the Cu(NP)-PGE is suitable to be used as a disposable glucose sensor. © 2016

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