A new silica-based, mixed-binary chiral sorbent grafted with the macrocyclic antibiotic eremomycin and bovine serum albumin (BSA) was obtained. The sorbent-filled high-performance liquid chromatography column was capable of enantioseparation of racemic drugs, such as profens, in reversed-phase-chromatography mode. The mixed-binary eremomycin-BSA-sorbent showed better capability for profens enantioseparation as compared with a sorbent containing eremomycin only. BSA grafted onto the sorbent surface significantly reduced retention times of other proteins from the analyte solution, and free proteins (including BSA) injected as analytes were not retained on the column, and subsequently eluted with a dead volume. The drastic difference observed in the binding of profens and other proteins using the sorbent was tested for determination and enantioseparation of profens in artificial-urine solutions. © 2016

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