Periodontitis is an increasing area of interest due to its global prevalence. This inflammatory condition results due to the loss of the critical balance between the virulence factors produced by microorganisms and the inflammatory host response. A number of efforts have been made in the past to address this condition and regain periodontal health. Targeting the root cause by nonsurgical debridement has been considered the gold standard. However, research has shown the possible effects of nutrient deficiency and an imbalanced diet on the periodontium. Therefore, an effort toward the maintenance of optimal conditions as well as improvement of the oral health necessities the introduction of adjunctive nutritional therapy, which can benefit the patients. Antioxidants in the diet have some remarkable benefits and valuable properties that play an irreplaceable role in the maintenance of periodontal health. These have emerged as excellent adjuncts that can enhance the outcomes of conventional periodontal therapy. The aim of this review article is to highlight some of these dietary antioxidants that can make a notable difference by striking a balance between health and disease. Copyright © 2016, Food and Drug Administration, Taiwan. Published by Elsevier Taiwan LLC.

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