Volume 22, Issue 1 (2014)


Review Articles


Mechanisms of nanotoxicity: Generation of reactive oxygen species
P.P. Fu, Q. Xia, H.-M. Hwang, P.C. Ray, and H. Yu


Theranostic nanomedicine for cancer detection and treatment
Z. Fan, P.P. Fu, H. Yu, and P.C. Ray


Molecular toxicity mechanism of nanosilver
D. McShan, P.C. Ray, and H. Yu


Neurotoxicity of nanoscale materials
A. Karmakar, Q. Zhang, and Y. Zhang


Reactive oxygen species-related activities of nano-iron metal and nano-iron oxides
H. Wu, J.-J. Yin, W.G. Wamer, M. Zeng, and Y.M. Lo


Genotoxicity of titanium dioxide nanoparticles
T. Chen, J. Yan, and Y. Li