Volume 20, Issue 3 (2012)

Original Articles


Analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of aqueous extracts of fructus Ligustri lucidi
G.-J. Huang, M.-H. Huang, C.-S. Chi, S.-S. Huang, P.-H. Shie, M.-T. Yen, and B.-S. Wang


Determination of marked components - aloin and aloe-emodin - in aloe vera before and after hydrolysis
H.-M. Chiang, Y.-T. Lin, P.-L. Hsiao, Y.-H. Su, H.-T. Tsao, and K.-C. Wen


Effects of captopril on melanin formation in B16 Cells
H.-L. Chu, B.-S. Wang, L.-C. Chang, L.-W. Chang, and P.-D. Duh


Risk for hospital-acquired pneumonia from proton pump inhibitor or sucralfate in intensive care units
L.-M. Lin, L.-W. Chen, Y.-C. Liu, K.-H. Hsu, C.-Y. Hsieh, and H.-Y. Chen


Enhancing health literacy through developing core abilities of correct medication usage in Taiwan
H.-Y. Chi, J.-C. Chang, M.-K. Yeh, C.-F. Chen, J.-J. Kang, and H.-W. Ting