The roots of Vitis thunbergii Sieb. Zucc. (Vt-R) are well-known bone-protective medicinal material and rich in active resveratrol derivatives, as revealed in our previous studies. The present study used five compounds, including four isolated ones, ampelopsin C, (+)-vitisin A, (-)-vitisin B, and (+)-e-viniferin, and one purchased resveratrol, as standards to establish an HPLC method in order to simultaneously determine these contents in the sample materials. The analyses method was validated and was performed by using a reverse-phase column (Cosmosil 5C18-AR-II) with absorbance detection at 280 nm. The results showed that ampelopsin C, (+)-vitisin A and (-)-vitisin B were the major three constituents in Vt-R and their contents were 3.57, 2.99, and 1.69 mg/g, respectively. Meanwhile, resveratrol gave a level of 0.33 mg/g, which was much lower than those three major constituents. To determined the contents of five standards in the stems and leaves of this plant, except for (+)-e-viniferin, the levels of ampelopsin C, (+)-vitisin A, (-)-vitisin B, and resveratrol were 1.13, 0.27, 0.57, and 0.14 mg/g, respectively, in the stems, which were much less than those in root part. However, five compounds were not detected in leaves. This analytic method was also employed to investigate the qualities of five piece-packed raw materials (Vt-1-Vt-5) of root of V. thunbergii collected from the herb market. The levels of ampelopsin C, (+)-vitisin A, and (-)-vitisin B were in the range of ND-0.35, ND-1.10, and ND-1.20 mg/g, respectively, which were markedly less than those in Vt-R. These five compounds in other six plants of Vitaceae were also investigated, including V. vinifera L., V. kelungensis Moriyama, Ampelopsis brevipedunculata (Maxim.) Traut., V. thunbergii var. taiwaniana Lu, Cissus pteroclada Hayata, and C. repens Lam. As a result, the former three plants were found to contain all of five standards. Except for resveratrol, other four compounds were not detected in V. thunbergii var. taiwaniana and C repens. None of five compounds was found in C. pteroclada.

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