V. Prakash


Food Factors that positively contributes to Food Safety is a major issue today across the World. Additives that are added to Processed Foods and other factors have to have an attachment of Quality and Safety aspect which has to be beyond the doubt of any consumer. The problem of safety does not stem only from the small amount of contamination that may occur but sometimes it also has a huge amount of responsibility in the Chain as it moves across from Rural to Urban with a clear pathway of its destination into Hyper markets especially when one looks at Nutraceuticals. This is where, the role of Nutrigenomics will help a lot in tomorrow's Food Safety with Food factors which is one of the critical issue for long term benefit from especially Traditional and Ethnic Foods with a holistic approach. This has to be addressed with the clear backdrop of culture and even eating habits and the Biodiversity and the habitat balance from a Holistic approach. Are we geared to this Challenge in the immediate Near Future considering Food Factors being taken into the ambit of Food Safety?