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Nanotechnology for bioactives delivery systems


The properties of functional foods depend largely on their micro- and/or nano-scale structure. Conventionally, the preparation of functional foods is based on large-scale processing. As a consequence, the structure of the products cannot be precisely controlled. Recently, micro-/nano-technology have been developing and increasingly applied to the formulation of functional foods. This paper summarizes some applications of micro-/nano-processing of food materials into dispersions, foreseeing their application as bioactives delivery systems. Nanodispersions containing antioxidant food materials were formulated and evaluated using various top-down techniques or a bottom-up method, particularly the performance of various polyglycerol esters (PGE) of fatty acid in the preparation and characterization of β-carotene nanodispersions during in vitro gastric digestion. MicroChannel (MC) and nanochannel (NC) emulsification for producing monodisperse emulsions were investigated. The development of NC emulsification devices for monodisperse fine emulsions is also presented.

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