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Challenges in food nanoscale science and technology


Nanotechnology allows for the possibility to manipulate and modify material and systems on the nanoscale to produce altered characteristics that may differ greatly from those on the macroscale. The potential applications of nanoscale science and technology in the food area are emerging in such areas as safety testing, packaging, authenticity/authentication, and product development through novel functional ingredients and nutrient delivery systems. However, as with all new technologies, it is these potentially new and unique properties that will require rigorous safety testing and risk/benefit analysis to ensure that public and environmental concerns are addressed. The latter will be of particular importance to research in food science and technology at the nanoscale level if products and/or technologies will ever become commercially viable and socially/environmentally accepted. This article briefly addresses some developments and issues for nanoscale science and technology: definitions, applications, education/communication strategies, risk assessment/management activities, and public perception/acceptability.

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