Volume 20, Issue 1 (2012)



Journal of Food and Drug Analysis: Preface
G.-C. Yen and L.S. Hwang

Review Article

Original Articles


Internal transcribed spacer sequence based identification and phylogenic relationship of Herba Dendrobii
C.-T. Wu, S.K. Gupta, A.Z.-M. Wang, S.-F. Lo, C.-L. Kuo, Y.-J. Ko, C.-L. Chen, C.-C. Hsieh, and H.-S. Tsay


Detection of copper ions in liquid foods and beverages based on an enzymatic method
J.-I. Yang, D.-B. Yeh, J.-M. Kuo, B.S. Pan, G.-C. Lee, Y.-H. Liu, and Y.-J. Lai


Thermal analysis and dissolution characteristics of nifedipine solid dispersions
J.-Y. Wu, H.-O. Ho, Y.-C. Chen, C.-C. Chen, and M.-T. Sheu


Free radical scavenging and antioxidant activities of Dorema aitchisonii
S.M. Nabavi, S.F. Nabavi, and M.A. Ebrahimzadeh


Are brand-name drugs of better quality than generics? Research at a Medical Center in Taiwan
H.-L. Yang, L.-J. Shen, C.-F. Huang, C.-Y. Lin, W.-H. Chen, Y.-T. Hsieh, and F.-L.L. Wu


Quality control of Colla corii asini using near-infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics clustering techniques
W.-W. Dong, Z.-D. Zeng, D. Au, C.-O. Chan, D.-J. Yang, and X.-B. Li


Establishment of a standardized animal model of chronic hepatotoxicity using acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity in the evaluation of hepatoprotective effects of health food
P.-J. Chen, V.F. Pang, Y.-M. Jeng, T.-J. Chen, F.-C. Hu, W.-T. Chi, H.-Y. Chou, H.-C. Chiu, Y.-C. Lee, and L.-Y. Sheen


Electrically-assisted skin delivery of buspirone submicron emulsions
Y.-H. Tsai, J.-T. Chang, C.-T. Huang, J.-S. Chang, Y.-B. Huang, and P.-C. Wu



Journal of Food and Drug Analysis: Preface
G.-C. Yen and L.S. Hwang

Conference Papers


Diet-induced obesity, inflammation, and cancer
J.H.Y. Park, Y.-H. Kang, M.-K. Sung, D.Y. Kwon, and Y. Yang


Study on breeding for crop fine varieties rich in food factors and their functions
J.-G. Zheng, J.-K. Lin, Z.-X. Cheng, M. Xu, Z.-W. Huang, Z.-J. Yang, T.-S. Chen, B.-D. Zheng, Y.-F. Zheng, K. Huang, S.-Q. Zheng, X.-Y. Chen, J.-Y. Wang, X.-F. Ye, D.-S. Yuan, K.-B. Zheng, S.-F. Liao, J.-C. Lin, L.-H. Chen, X.-F. Tang, and T. Zhang


Dietary resveratrol modulates metabolic functions in skeletal muscle cells
J. Kaminski, A. Lançon, E. Tili, V. Aires, J. Demarquoy, G. Lizard, J.-J. Michaille, and N. Latruffe


Clinical effect and mechanism of alkaline reduced water
R.M.C. Ignacio, K.-B. Joo, and K.-J. Lee


Nuts for diabetes prevention and management
A. Kamil and C.-Y.O. Chen


Cancer preventive activities of tea polyphenols
C.S. Yang, H. Jin, F. Guan, Y.-K. Chen, and H. Wang


High concentrated probiotics improve inflammatory bowel diseases better than commercial concentration of probiotics
E.-H. Kim, H. Hong, K.-S. Hong, K.-S. Choi, Y.-M. Han, N. Kangwan, Y.C. Cho, and K.B. Hahm


NF-κB inhibitors from terrestrial plants reported in 2011
M. Schumacher, M. Dicato, and M. Diederich


Cancer prevention by different forms of tocopherols
C.S. Yang, G. Li, and Z. Yang


Anticancer property of allyl sulfides derived from garlic (Allium sativum L.)
T. Seki, T. Hosono, S. Suda, K. Kimura, and T. Ariga


Nanotechnology for bioactives delivery systems
Neves M.A. Das, I. Kobayashi, and M. Nakajima


Toona sinensis affects reproductive physiology of male
W.-J. Yu, B.-C. Yu, F.-Y. Yang, C.-C. Chang, C.-Y. Huang, and S.-J. Chang


Revealing the secret of soups' healing power: Nanostructures and their functions
L.-J. Ke, J.-W. Zhou, G.-Z. Gao, B. Shao, H.-Q. Wang, and P.-F. Rao


Autophagy as a target for anticancer therapy and its modulation by phytochemicals
M.-K. Kim, D.H. Suh, J. Seoung, H.S. Kim, H.H. Chung, and Y.-S. Song


Targeting inflammatory pathways by dietary agents for prevention and therapy of cancer
B.B. Aggarwal, S. Prasad, V.R. Yadav, B. Park, J.H. Kim, S.C. Gupta, S.W. Yoon, A. Lavasanifar, and B. Sung


Anti-proliferation and radiation-sensitizing effect of an anthocyanidin- rich extract from purple-shoot tea on colon cancer cells
C.-C. Lin, C.-P. Hsu, C.-C. Chen, T.-Z. Liao, C.-F. Chiu, L.P.J. Lien, and Y.-T. Shih


Metabolism of sesamin by CYPs and UGTs in human liver
T. Sakaki, K. Yasuda, M. Kamakura, E. Munetsuna, M. Ohta, and S. Ikushiro


Biological activities of low-molecular weight compounds found in foods and plants
H. Shiratsuchi, S. Chang, A. Wei, A.H. El-Ghorab, and T. Shibamoto



Journal of Food and Drug Analysis: Preface
G.-C. Yen and L.S. Hwang