Volume 19, Issue 3 (2011)

Original Articles


Correlation of major components and radical scavenging activity of commercial tea drinks in Taiwan
J.-J. Wu, M.-T. Chiang, Y.-W. Chang, J.-Y. Chen, H.-T. Yang, C.-K. Lii, J.-H. Lin, and H.-T. Yao


Study on the contents of aristololactams in piper wallichii and their renal cytotoxicities
A. Wei, D. Zhou, J. Ruan, Y. Cai, C. Xiong, G. Wu, and H. Liu


Isoflavone urine kinetics after giving soymilk to healthy adults in Taiwan
Y.-C. Hou, Y.-C. Chi, S.-Y. Tsai, and P.-D.L. Chao


Evaluation of antioxidants using an arachidonic acid-stimulated platelet electron spin resonance system
K.-H. Hsieh, J.-J. Lee, L.-W. Lee, J.-R. Sheu, S.-T. Hwang, and D.-S. Chou


Inhibitory effects of bovine colostrum protein hydrolysates on human leukemic U937 cell growth
C.-W. Chen, S.-H. Chiang, S.-Y. Wang, Y.-T. Lin, F.-Y. Lin, and C.-Y. Chang


Food safety evaluation of papaya fruits resistant to papaya ring spot virus
G.-C. Yen, H.-T. Lin, Y.-H. Cheng, Y.-J. Lin, S.-C. Chang, S.-D. Yeh, Y.-C. Chan, Y.-C. Chung, and J.-W. Liao


Studies on the inhibitory mechanisms of baicalein in B16F10 melanoma cell proliferation
W.-H. Hsu, W.-W. Chang, J.-R. Sheu, Y.U.-K. Hsiao, Y.-J. Tsai, and D.-S. Chou