Volume 19, Issue 1 (2011)

Original Articles


Qualitative and quantitative analyses of the anti-allergic constituent of commercial Prunus mume products in Taiwan
S.-F. Wu, Y.-H. Chen, C.-L. Lin, J.-C. Yang, Y.-C. Du, J.-J. Lee, Y.-C. Wu, and F.-R. Chang


Effect of shengmai san on insulin resistance, tumor necrosis factor-alpha and oxidative stress in rats fed on a high-fat diet
H.-T. Yao, M.-T. Chiang, C.-K. Lii, Y.-W. Chang, S-H. Hsieh, J.-H. Lin, R.-H. Chou, and T.-K. Yeh


Molecular analyses of Cordyceps gunnii in China
W.-H. Chan, K.-H. Ling, S.-W. Chiu, P.-C. Shaw, and P.P.-H. But


Comparison of protective effects between oat β-glucan and phenol-rich extracts in hyperlipidemic ICR mice
Y. Li, Y.-C. Luo, G. Chen, Z.-L. Xiao, Q. Wang, L. Zhao, and B.-P. Ji