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Studies on the analysis of human serum proteins by the gel-based microchip and SDS-PAGE


Human serum proteins can be analyzed and evaluated by using either gel-based microchip (LabChip) or traditional SDS-PAGE. However, this study concludes that a sample under reducing conditions analyzed by SDS-PAGE is more time-consuming than when using a Bioanalyzer in combination with the LabChip to perform the same task. The assay software automatically calculated the size and concentrations of serum proteins and deglycosylated serum proteins. It displayed the results in real-time, thus eliminating lengthy procedures such as imaging and analyzing. Compared to the traditional reducing SDS-PAGE, LabChip also allowed the analysis of human serum proteins with more accuracy, and a faster turnaround time. This suggested that LabChip has the potential to be used in the clinical analysis of human serum proteins.

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